PACE Standard Features
New Features
Communication package
Software Pages (Options)

I. PACE Standard Features

1. Weather-Based Control Strategy including: a. Solar Reset b. Vari-Gain c. Unoccupied Setback d. Morning Warmup e. Primary and Secondary Morning Warmup Fan Control f. Local Display of OA Temp., System Output % and Individual Zone Output Signals (opitional)

II. New Features

1. Full Trending of most key System Inputs and Outputs: a. Outdoor Temperature with full High/Low History and Degree Day Calculation and History b. Power Supply Voltage c. Building Voltage d. Active Sensor Input and Output signals e. MPU Sensors) Inputs f. Solar Sensor(s) Inputs g. System Zone Output(s)

2. Critical Input Monitoring and Alarm(s)

a. MPU Temperature Sensor(s) out of range

b. Solar Sensor(s) out of range

c. Active and Passive Sensors out of range

d. DC Power Supply out of specification

e. Building Voltage Monitor function out of range

f. Improper System Output for various outdoor conditions

3. Increased MPU Sensor averaging (up to eight) with automatic elimination of open or shorted Sensor(s).

4. Automatic default operation of System if there is a loss of Building Voltage Monitor Input.

5. Automatic default operation after System/Building power failure. This allows Active Sensor to stabilize upon restoration of power before normal operation is resumed.

6. Easy adjustment of critical (password protected-High Level) System Parameters previously hardwired and not adjustable.

7. Easy adjustment of non-critical (password protected-Low Level) System Parameters.

8. PACE DDC Module and PACE Software are Year 2000 compliant.

9. PACE DDC Module is BACnet compliant to Level 3. System Network (CMnet) can be configured for BACnet over ARCnet at 156K Baud.

NOTE: Trending Data, System Status, Parameter changes and Alarms access and processing are accessable only through software interrogation via computer interface port or via Communication

Package using modem.

III. Communication Package (Includes System Gateway and Modem)

1. Provides local or remote access to System for viewing System Status or retrieval of stored Trend Data plus access to change parameters via software.

2. Platform for Local Area Network (LAN) for developing a complete Building Automation System (BAS) including space temperature monitoring, RTU control, toilet exhaust control, VAV terminal control, building lighting, etc.

IV. Software Packages (Optional)

1. Supervision 3.0

a. Installs in any customer/provided IBM pc (or clone)

b. Provides access to System via direct connect or modem

c. Provides for access to System Status Page

d. Provides for access to parameters for changes (password protected)

e. Provides access to Trend Data

b. Provides all of Vision features

f. Provides full graphic display of PACE System

g. Provides graphic display of multiple Trends (typically up to 16 to 20 points)

h. Can be used for a fully integrated Building Automation System to display all graphics, plus full support of Alarms processing including local printer, remote printer and pagers.

i. Can be integrated into any BMS using native BACnet communication.


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