Thermal Energy Replacement

Continuously adds small amounts of heat energy to just match the heat loss through the building envelope. The building is a kind of thermal battery. The PACE System uses outdoor conditions to determine the rate of recharge. The result is steady state comfort combined with minimum energy consumption.

It's not how much heat you needů but how little

Most large buildings are self-sufficient for heat and even require internal cooling during the winter months. Therefore, it's not how much heat a building needs but how little, consistent with maintaining comfort at the perimeter. This is what the PACE control system is all about. PACE provides steady-state comfort based on the principle of Thermal Energy Replacement "PACE continuously matches heating system output to the building envelope's heat loss. With PACE, the heat is always ON" in just the exact degree needed to maintain comfort.

In contrast, a thermostatically-controlled system is either fully ON (catching up) or fully OFF (falling behind the heat loss). When it's OFF, thermostats get turned up, but this doesn't really solve the problem—it only widens the temperature control error and increases energy consumption.

PACE is, a "Weather-Based" control system. The system uses outdoor sensors to respond to temperature and wind/rain effect. Window-mounted solar sensors signal a reduction in heat output corresponding to solar gain on each exposure. In office buildings, no internal feedback is allowed. In all other buildings, PACE sets the high limit for thermostatic operation.

With Weather-Based Control, less heat is required to maintain the comfort level. Thermal Energy Replacement enhances all aspects of thermal comfort. Relative humidity is higher, mean radiant temperature more constant, and air velocity lower. As a result, tenants feel comfortable at a lower interior air temperature. This lower temperature is the building's "balance point'; which determines the minimum amount of heat energy required.

The balance point can be gauged by experience or by observing how far the outdoor temperature can fall before heat is required. PACE control computes the degree day heating load based on the balance point. For each degree the balance point is lowered, the heating load is reduced by about 4░/,. A ten degree reduction—not uncommon—is a 40% savings!

The heating system response is also calibrated to use only a percentage of total capacity at "worst case" for a particular building. For example, if the heating system installed has double the capacity of what the building envelope requires, then the response range is limited to 0 to 50%. Demand charges are reduced accordingly Conventional controls use 100░/) of capacity in each ON—cycle and can incur 100% demand charges even in mild weather.

The savings potential is enormous

The lower balance point and reduced system response translate to savings of 25 to 50 percent in most cases. Just how much in your case can be calculated with accuracy once the building and heating system characteristics are known.

General Electronic Enterprises provides a free PACE Energy Assessment Evaluation service. The calculation establishes the building's minimum heat energy requirement. With this data, historical (actual) operating costs can be compared to protected costs using a PACE operated system. Local energy rates, including demand charges, are used to produce the dollar savings amount for a payback analysis.

Conversion is easy

PACE has a Modular Power Controller which is ideal for retrofit applications. Each control relay is matched to an individual heating circuit. The enclosure is mounted adjacent to your existing load panel. Wrong and associated labor are minimal. Rewiring of heating circuits is not required in most cases.

The PACE retrofit is no mere upgrade of existing controls: it is truly a conversion to the far more effective control—concept of Thermal Energy Replacement Yet no major changes are required in the physical heating system. It is a rare opportunity, but you have to take the first step. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE PACE ENERGY ASSESSMENT EVALUATION FORM TODAY!


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