General Electronic Enterprises, Inc (GEEI), is a manufacturer of electronic control systems, primarily for applications in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Our flagship product is the patented PACE System, an open loop control system for perimeter heat in large buildings.  Most PACE designs utilize electronic resistance heat.  GEEI leads the field in the development of modular SCR power controllers with proprietary, high accuracy electronics.  We also apply a special PACE design for hydronic perimeter heat.

As a company, GEEI is committed to building durable, reliable and technically sound products.  We back the products with engineered applications, detailed submittals and full service.  In doing so, we have gained proficiency in analyzing and often solving HVAC problems, even though we do not contract to service the entire HVAC system.  Our products and our approach are compatible with the other building systems.  We have not commercialized their “building doctor” role, but have used it instead to support our products.

We offer an Energy Assessment Program, which establishes heating cost estimates in advance.  This year, for many is the most surprising aspect of PACE:  competitive operating cost.  Gas heat and heat pumps operate on somewhat different principals and thereby lose their comparative cost advantages.

We have worked with many major Enterprises firms, builders and building owners throughout the US and Canada in our 25 year history.  We have proven ourselves time and time again on our unique designs and concepts and we have delivered the results.

To date over 22 million square feet of office space is presently being controlled by PACE Systems throughout the US and Canada.

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